Samuel Kleinmann

Pretty Boy Half-Ogre


High Concept

Pretty Boy Half-Ogre


Brighid’s Toy (woman tend fall in love with him)

Other Aspects
Fire House Orphan (Raised by the state, so no one loved him – Seeks love in all the wrong places)
Silver-tongued Friend (Trouble maker in school, but managed to talk his way out of it – for convincing people)
I will be a Star (After a big fight with his girlfriend, Samuel realizes his dream to be a rock star and decides it’s time to get a job.)
(Guest Starring)
(Guest Starring Redux)

Superb (+5)

Great (+4)

Good (+3)

Fair (+2)

Average (+1)

Read the Surface (-1)
Incite Emotion, at range and lasting emotion: Joy/Happiness/Friendship, Fear, Ecstasy (-5)
Inhuman Strength (-2)
xxxxxxxxxxxx (-1), xxxxxxxxxxxx (-1), xxxxxxxxxxxx (-2)
The Catch (plus 6) xxxxxxxxxxxx. xxxxxxxxxxxx. Changeling Catch – cannot say no to women xxxxxxxxxxxx(+2).
Total Refresh Adjustment: -6
Adjusted Refresh: 3


Samuel Kleinmann was dropped off at a Phoenix Firehouse when he was 3 days as part of the safe haven laws to protect new born babies from ending up in trash bins. He was immediately transferred to Arizona’s child protective services. He bounced from foster home to foster home over the course of his development years. Because he never had a stable home, Samuel looks for acceptance and affection from anyone who would give it to him. This lead to him falling into the wrong crowd. Nothing serious like gangs or outlaws, he always seemed to be a bit of a pacifist, but it did lead to him getting into a bit of trouble. However, he seemed to have developed a knack for talking his way out of trouble. There was always consequences for the trouble he got into, but the punishment always seemed less severe as what the other kids received. After high school me moved out of his last foster home and in with his high school girl friend Daphne. Daphne was in her first year of college. Samuel didn’t have a job, and had no aspirations of getting a job. He also had no aspirations of going to school. After months of nagging, he finally got a job as bartender at a seedy pub. But this caused other problems with his relationship to Daphne. One night the cops where called to Daphne’s residence on a domestic disturbance call. Samuel was taken to jail and changed with a misdemeanor of disturbing the peace. Charges later dropped. Three days later the police were called to Daphne’s residence on another disturbance call. Neither Daphne nor Samuel were present but the place was completely trashed. The police suspected fowl play even though no blood was found. Over the next couple of nights a rash of brutal murders happened throughout the city with no suspect or witnesses. Then the murders stopped as suddenly as they appeared. Daphne returned and was questioned by the police. She said they (her and Samuel) did have a fight, but he stormed out and she went to her grandmothers to cool off. Daphne said that she caught Samuel in bed with another women and that was what lead to the fight. Samuel surfaced later, questioned about the fight and the murders. He confirmed the fight was about sleeping with another women he met at the bar he works at. But he and Daphne were working it out. And he had not knowledge of the murders. Since there was no evidence connecting to Samuel to the murders (other than the close proximity to Daphne’s residence) he was never changed and the murders were placed into the police cold case file.

Currently Samuel is still tending bar part-time, and has another part-time job while working on starting his music career.

Samuel Kleinmann

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