Lance Church

Libertarian Talk Radio Sorcerer



High Concept
Libertarian Talk Radio Sorcerer

Radio Personality

Other Aspects

The Truth is Out There (dealing with unexplained)
Uncle Travis’s Grimoire (Uncle Travis speaks through this book of knowledge)
The Wild Card Line (Strange leads and Stranger information)
You Can’t Handle The Truth (dealing with covering up Supernatural things)
Supernatural Fixer (friends and contacts everywhere)


Superb (+5)


Great (+4)


Good (+3)


Fair (+2)


Average (+1)

Survival Alertness Scholarship Endurance


Thaumaturgy -3
Evocation -3
The Sight -1
Soulgaze -0
Wizards Constitution -0
Rumor Monger -1

Base Refresh Level 9
Adjusted Refresh 1
Current Fate Points



Evocation Elements (Spirit, Air, Earth)
Power(Spirit +1)

Thaumaturgy Control (Wards +1)

Rote Spells

Focus Items

Enchanted Items


Raised in Northern Arizona, Lancelot Banson Grail Church lived a normal life amongst the pines, until one fateful day in November of 1975. His uncle Travis, a logger by hobby and a wizard by trade, went missing for a period of days. Mainstream publicity was recieved and multiple allegations of “abduction” or close encounters with “others” were made. All Lance knew was that the Uncle Travis that returned was different from the one that left. Uncle Travis no longer could connect with the fabric of magic but handed Lance a large book “someday he’ll need it.”
At the age of 13, Lance’s ability to practice magic was awoken. The book, grimoire contained spells, formulae, incantations, rituals, and most importantly laws. A bit of a rebellious sort Lance studied the laws of the White Council and Accords.
He decided to abide by the laws yet never join the White Council. He attempted to live a normal life though the supernatural seemed to follow him. He attempted to complete college at Northern Arizona University and major in Communications. He fell in love with the radio world. His voice was needed. The masses needed to learn about the things beyond. He could provide a platform for those that wanted to get their stories out and protect those that delved too deep into the unknown.

Lance is a tallish man approximately 6 and a half feet tall with strawberry blonde hair and a disarming smile. His tone and register is naturally soothing for his voice. Broad shoulders yet a lanky frame, Lance can cut an imposing figure if he truly wanted to.

He currently hosts a nightly talk radio show called Sea to Sea and Everything In Between at KODD 1490am. He does have co-hosts that sometimes take over the hosting duties when things come up with no problems.
Lance owns a small home in Phoenix that was once a rest station for the Pony Express. He makes use of the Wells Fargo Vault in the basement as his laboratory.
He drives a Red and White 1973 Toyota Landcruiser, he named Brutus, because it betrays him at the most inopportune time. 1973 toyota land cruiser fj55

Book 1 Wild Card Line

A mysterious person calls into the show. “I have eaten her soul”. The caller phones in nightly. Each time revealing more details. The chase leads into Phoenix

Jacob Caine was the cop assigned to the case. A secret wizard, he recognized arcane elements in the case. The case tested ht enew found fragile light in his soulbut the crucible burned away what was left of the darkness.

The murderer’s next victim is Sara O’Connor. The events of his attempt to kill her are fuzzy at best but he is left stunned long enough for Lance and Jacob to subdue and bring to justice

Lance Church

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