Ashes of the Phoenix

The Clean-Up

John – Jacob Caine – Magical Detective
Jessica – Sarah “Phoenix” O’Connor – Extreme Sports and Finances, Mythmaker
Gill – Calliope Smyth – The Pale Lady “Psychic”/“Ectomancer”
Ro – Celandine Ronos – Changeling Siren/Bohemian Artist/Femme Fatale

They begin to clean up after the case.

As Calliope exits the shower Henry Garfias, the ghost of the lawman, informs her that someone has destroyed a powerful spectre in Moon Valley park. He says there’s something wrong there now. The place is WRONG.

Caine discovers that the kid, Elam, was never in Lambert’s house. He discovers that a woman (he thinks) made herself look like Lambert every day for three months.

Calliope checks out the park. A woman killed the lector specter to complete the first step of the Dark Hollow.

Clay Faulkner calls Calliope and tells her that Caine got the next case – a homicide. He hires Calliope to get Caine. Sarah and Dina drive drunk Calliope to Caine’s.

Susan Ormond’s body was found in Rio Vista Park in Peoria. Sexually assault, body placed there, throat cut, neck broken, underwear missing, but sandals replaced, surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of dead flies. She was a Junior in Communications at ASU, had a receipt for 2:45 am at 83rd and T-Bird Shell gas station along with 23 dollars a driver’s license and student ID.



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