Ashes of the Phoenix


John – Jacob Caine – Magical Detective
Jessica – Sarah “Phoenix” O’Connor – Extreme Sports and Finances, Mythmaker
Dan – Lance Church – Conspiracy Radio Host Sorcerer
Gill – Calliope Smyth – The Pale Lady “Psychic”/“Ectomancer”
Luther – Samuel Kleinmann – Pretty Boy DJ Host/Wannabe Rocker
Ro – Celandine Ronos – Changeling Siren/Bohemian Artist/Femme Fatale

Sam calls Sarah and asks for help. She promises to help him if he doesn’t go off by himself. He then calls Lance and tells him he quits. Then Celandine calls Sam and asks for him. He promises to pick her up. Dina then calls Caine, Calliope answers the phone. They have a humorous conversation in regards to Caine owning a Sony TV.

Edward Lambert calls Calliope points towards Abernathy and Steele and wants police protection. Dina waits at Caine’s house.

Mrs. Katzenberger calls Calliope and tells her that Dina is waiting on Caine’s doorstep.

Calliope and Sarah meet Sam at Sarah’s house. Calliope picks up Dina. They speak.

Caine and Lance give the skull to Mrs. O’Connor to keep safe. She finds out that Daphne has been kidnapped. She makes Caine promise to help them. She then calls Sarah and makes Sarah and Sam promise to be safe. She uses their full names and full on MOTHER Voice. She invoked promises from them both.

They all meet at Sarah’s house. They find out the Edward Lambert is behind everything. Audrey calls Caine and tells him this and asks him to meet her at Lambert’s house.

Caine and Dina go to Lambert’s house, Sarah, Sam, Lance, and Calli go to find Daphne.

Caine discovers Lambert’s body buried six feet under the flowers in the backyard flowerbed. Lambert has been dead for three months.

Caine calls Rosa Mendez to fix the problem with Luis. She extracted a favor from Caine for the return of Sam’s girlfriend, Daphne, unharmed.

Sarah, Lance, Sam, and Calliope go to the warehouse near Guadalupe in Tempe. Lance and Calliope go inside. They find piles of ash (and collect some) and then find Daphne, asleep and handcuffed to a bed frame in a room in the back of the warehouse. Sarah and Sam wait outside and Sam notices two people in black suits (with blue gloves) watching from the rooftop of another warehouse.

Mrs. O’Connor calls Sarah and told her that the murderer was at her house. Sarah calls Audrey. She informs Caine. Caine and Dina travel the NeverNever to get to Mrs. O’Connor’s. They run into Coyote when they arrive. He agrees to let Caine by if Coyote can spend three days (in the NeverNever) with Dina. Caine enters the O’Connor’s.

Long Story short: They go to a park, face a nameless warlock who was attempting a part of a Dark Hollow. They kill him and dissipate the magic through the blood and break the pentagram. A Lector, that Calliope had summoned, lapped up most of the blood before Calliope drove it away.



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