Ashes of the Phoenix

Geronimo! Part 2

To Fall from a Great Height

John – Jacob Caine – Magical Detective
Jessica – Sarah “Phoenix” O’Connor – Extreme Sports and Finances, Mythmaker
Dan – Lance Church – Conspiracy Radio Host Sorcerer
Gill – Calliope Smyth – The Pale Lady “Psychic”/“Ectomancer”
Luther – Samuel Kleinmann – Pretty Boy DJ Host/Wannabe Rocker

Dave Williams is lying on the ground dead in front of them amidst the glass.
Calliope goes off to call 911 after Jacob Caine tells her to do. The Spirit of Dave Williams arrives at his death. He begins to talk to her. Tells her all sorts of how he died. His heart is missing from his chest in his spirit.

Phoenix is playing Chess with Clay Faulkner at MCSO offices.

Jacket from the suspect left his silver blue jacket on the counter upstairs.

When they exit the building they see that William’s body is missing his eyes, but his chest is intact.

As they leave the Dial Building Caine’s car is followed by a Sparkly Blue Chevy Impala low-rider. License plate Historical: 34C3 – Owner: Luis Valprese-Rodrigez, he has a rap sheet: Agg Assault, Misconduct involving Firearms, Theft of Means of Transport, Burglary.

They stop in the road and Luis pulls up next to them and threatens Jake and Calliope and tells them to leave Sirona alone. They’re Red Court Thralls.

They all meet at the MCSO office. Audrey has put the eyes in the evidence fridge.

They realize that they know each other individually and catch up.

They ask Sarah about Geronimo, she tells him he’s an Apache and he’s dead.

Calliope pulls up the owner of the eyes – it’s William Abernathy. He tells her about Hades (Jason Steele) and Virgil (Edward Lambert). Hades is the third partner. Lambert is a Columnist. Only other two Bonesmen in town.

Audrey is working on a case where a Native American inmate of the Tent City Jail escaped from jail. He was on work release, since he was non-violent, etc.. But he was checked in, people saw him come in and lay down for the night, but no one saw him leave. He was just gone. A guard said they saw someone go to one of the port-o-potties late that night, they don’t recall seeing them leave, but they didn’t keep watching them. His name was Elam Naiche.

Caine, Lance, and Calliope go into another room and Caine performs a “Talkie” Ritual. They SEE the young man and the fight with Dave Williams. The young man is possessed by the Spirit of Geronimo. He has a Spiritual Tomahawk which he uses to cut out William’s Soul Heart, and drags William’s out of his skull in a necromantic ritual then opens a portal to the NeverNever. Lance see’s mesas and desert through the portal. IT LITERALLY EXISTS.

They go through the Portal and Meet Coyote after they see the young man eat a heart offered to Coyote and run away.

They return to the office. Calliope calls Mr. Lambert and leaves him a message.

Lance and Caine go to meet Jason Steele.

Sam goes to meet Daphne. He is followed by Luis and confronts them. They are in Fear of him. He tells them to leave, and they warn him about “that bitch of a cop.”

At Jason Steele’s house his butler Woodman lets them in. They ask him about the skull and he breaks down and takes them inside as Woodman brings them drinks. He tells Woodman to watch the girls. He admits that the skull in Geronimo’s grave is a fake. He get’s dressed as Caine tells him to come with him. Asks about what Lance was doing to the windows. Caine gets annoyed and demands where the skull is. Steele admits that the skull is in his hall. He gives it to Caine.

Calliope and Sarah decide to drive out to Skeleton Canyon in Eastern Arizona. Lance calls them and they turn around to meet up.

Sam is at work when Daphne calls his phone six times. He answers. It’s Luis. He says, “You know who this is motherfucker, we have your girl.” Hangs up.



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