Ashes of the Phoenix


The Skull and the Bones

John – Jacob Caine – Magical Detective
Jessica – Sarah “Phoenix” O’Connor – Extreme Sports and Finances, Mythmaker
Dan – Lance Church – Conspiracy Radio Host Sorcerer
Gill – Callyope Smith – The Pale Lady “Psychic”/“Ectomancer”

Vern gives Detective Jacob Caine a new case.
William Abernathy was found dead in a Brown Field just east of North Scottsdale (Troon).
Sarah O’Connor lives across the street from the Abernathy’s.
Kapa skydived with a dead body a week ago at night in north east of Scottsdale.
Kapa called into Lance Church’s radio show.
Gina Abernathy (like her mother but younger) meets them after they meet Sirona the maid, Gina gets her mother.
The Pale Lady (Callyope Smith)takes Mrs. Abernathy’s Chihuahua as the sad spirit.

Callyope speaks to Mr. Abernathy and he answers three questions.
1. He fell out of the plane
2. He was in Portland taking over a Telecom company
3. He was actually in Portland on a business trip – although he did meet a third mistress

Gina claims to be at Devil’s Martini all night of her dad’s death.

“Geronimo” calls the show line after the show is over. He claims to have killed Abernathy, and he wants to know who Kappa is. Lance checks the caller ID it is: 480-432-2511

The next morning Kappa shows up at Phoenix’s house with a brown baggie with probably Abernathy’s eyes in it. They were on his doorstep.

Church, Caine, and Callyope got to Tripart Investments to speak with Dave Williams, one of Abernathy’s partners and Tera Abernathy’s lover. As they walk towards the building they hear breaking glass from above. They look up and David Williams’ body plummets from twenty stories up and smashes at their feet. His eyes and heart are missing.



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